Fifolet Halloween Festival

The Fifolet (fee-foh-lay) is part of Cajun folklore. It is a magical and mischievous blue flame that appears deep in the Louisiana swamp. Legend says following the Fifolet will lead you to buried treasure. Many have lost their lives to a watery grave chasing fortune guarded by the Fifolet…


The Fifolet Halloween Festival is a collaborative effort hosted by 10/31 Consortium with the support and assistance of many other Baton Rouge businesses and organizations. Anchored by the Halloween Parade, the festival offers Halloween fun for everyone. This includes horror and non-horror events, as well as events for athletes, foodies, crafters, cocktail enthusiasts, cosplayers, kids, adults, and of course, Trick or Treat opportunities. 







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We invite you to find your treasure this October at the Fifolet Halloween Festival in Baton Rouge!


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