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10/31 Consortium is proudly one of the few charitable organizations that accepts youth volunteers. The minimum age to volunteer for certain events is age 6 and all minors must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult group leader. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities suitable to church groups, scouts, students, clubs, corporate teams, and anyone in need of service hours or looking for a fun and creative way to give back to our community.


We also encourage our youth volunteers to consider registering for the Kids’ Court which will earn them eligibility to become the Fifolet Halloween Festival Prince or Princess.

Volunteer Registration
Please complete this form in order to volunteer for 10/31 Consortium and/or the Fifolet Halloween Festival.
List your legal name as it appears on your driver's license or state identification card. All volunteers will be vetted on the sex offender list prior to confirmation.
Cell preferred so that we can text you updates pertaining to your volunteer position.
WAIVER OF LIABILITY I, representing myself and/or my parading krewe, my company, my school, my church, and/or any minor children in my charge, recognize the efforts of the organizers, officers, directors, and staff of the 10/31 Consortium to put on the Fifolet Halloween Festival and other events. I also recognize that participation in said festival activities, contests, competitions, and events includes inherent risks of injury or damage to me and to others. I further recognize and acknowledge the efforts of said organizers, officers, directors and staff to obtain full coverage insurance for participants in said festival, acknowledging their inability to obtain such blanket insurance coverage at reasonable and affordable prices. Therefore, in return for the privilege of participating in or volunteering for any event planned or organized by 10/31 Consortium and/or the Fifolet Halloween Festival, I hereby give this, my unconditional waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement, to and in favor of the 10/31 Consortium, together with all of its organizers, officers, directors, and staff. By this act, I agree forever to release 10/31 Consortium and all its contractors, officers, directors, and staff from any and all liability for any injury or harm I or any minor child for which I am the parent or guardian may suffer as a result of participation in said festival or activities preparatory or subsequent thereto. This act shall bind me, as well as my heirs, family and assigns. As a 10/31 Consortium event and/or Fifolet Halloween Festival participant or volunteer, I am solely responsible for the behavior, well-being and safety of myself, any minor children brought under my care, and all of my personal belongings, including any animals, brought with me to the event. This waiver and hold harmless shall apply in favor of the 10/31 Consortium and all its contractors, officers, directors, and staff, regardless whose act, fault or negligence shall have led to any such injury, harm or damage. Furthermore, this waiver and hold harmless shall apply in favor of the 10/31 Consortium, all its contractors, officers, directors, and staff regardless of who might institute any claim or action.
Johnny Adams

Johnny Adams


Please contact Johnny if you have volunteer questions.

10/31 Consortium's Costume Giveaway Day is my favorite volunteer opportunity! I've been helping with this event since 2016 and look forward to it every year. Seeing the kids get so excited to pick out their costume is truly such a wonderful experience.
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Megan Campagna

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