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Who We Are

Halloween with a Heart

More than a Krewe


At 10/31 Consortium, our philosophy of service through the fun and creativity of Halloween has provided a source of hope for our community since 2010.

We understand that many parents, guardians, and caregivers need assistance building positive and lasting memories for the children they love so dearly. We also understand that Halloween is often ranked as a favorite holiday for children, and we want to help you give them the safest and most fun Halloween possible.

10/31 Consortium is a volunteer-based organization and krewe; all who serve do so because they have a heart for children and a love of Halloween. We are a creative, caring and fun group of people who enjoy this unique way of giving back. 10/31 Consortium isn’t just a Halloween krewe.

Our purpose goes much deeper and the relationships we build are strengthened through our joint vision of community, courage and creativity.

Pounds of Food for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank valued at $18,751 and producing 13,236 meals (average is $1.70 per pound and 1 pound generates 1.2 meals).
$ 0
Donated to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital
Free Halloween costumes for kids in the Greater Baton Rouge Area valued at $247,725 (average cost per costume is $45 according to Coupon Cabin).
$ 0
in resources gathered and donated for our community!
Coupon Cabin


Board of Directors

10/31 Consortium is a 100% volunteer-run organization.

The Board of Directors consists of hard working individuals dedicated to making Baton Rouge not only a better place, but also a Halloween destination.

Board members are responsible for reviewing budgets, managing marketing materials/efforts, organizing the calendar of events, setting up the framework for the year that committees have to work within, and following up to make sure all needs of the organization are being properly met. 

The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of the month and follow Robert’s Rules of Order at meetings. All board meetings are open to members. 

president founder 1031 consortium baton rouge corey tullier

Corey Tullier

Co-Founder, President and CEO

jamie schexnayder 1031 consortium

Jamie Schexnayder

Founder, Treasurer & CFO

Headshot Kelley

Kelley Stein

Founder & CMO, Fundraising Chair

Lester Mut

Lester Mut



Dana Carbo

Fifolet Festival Co-Captain

Headshot Nicky

Nicky Mines

Fifolet Festival Co-Captain

amy leblanc 1031 consortium

Amy LeBlanc

Krewe Membership

Headshot Lance P

Lance Parker

Fifolet Festival Communications

Halie Guidry

Halie Guidry

Krewe & Community Communications

Johnny Adams

Johnnie Adams

Volunteer Coordinator

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