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Teaching Kids to Give Back

Youth Leadership & Volunteer Program

Does your child love Halloween? If so, this program is the volunteer opportunity you've been looking for!

Kids Court
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How it Works

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Lessons in Organization
Managing the Costume and Candy Drive teaches children time management and responsibility. They must decorate and deliver donation bins within a certain time frame, follow up with the donation location, and sort through the hundreds of costumes to match them to beneficiaries. Natural leaders will flourish in this process and those needing to hone these skills will gane valuable experience.
Lessons in Compassion
Staffing the Costume Giveaway Day is an experience they will never forget. Families from all over the Baton Rouge area (and even as far away as New Orleans) line up to "shop" the free costume selection. Your children will assist, serve and help children in need find the costume they have always wanted. The feeling of giving those smiles and the simple joy of a Halloween costume to a child who might not otherwise have it is a beautiful experience.
Lessons in Pubic Speaking
Children awarded with the titles of Prince or Princess will have opportunities to represent the Kids' Court Program at various community events. They will speak in front of a crowd and, possibly, in front of a camera. This is a lesson that will serve them well in adulthood.
Children awarded with Royal Titles may have their names and photographs appear in local publications. They will also have their names and photographs listed on the 10/31 Consortium website and on the 10/31 Consortium and Fifolet Halloween Festival social media profiles. The Prince and Princess will also have their picture on the Kids' Court Float.
Children awarded Royal Titles will receive a crown and a sash at their official Royal Coronation as part of the Black and Orange Bash.
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Please Read Carefully

Kids' Court Rules

Participants and their parents or guardians serve as a program ambassador and must represent 10/31 Consortium with respect and kindness to all.

Participants and their parents or guardians must refrain from making or wearing political, religious or social statements while representing 10/31 Consortium at our events and/or in any media interviews.

The Kids' Court is a family activity and requires a commitment from the child and at least one parent or guardian.  A parent or guardian must agree to accompany children to all Kids' Court activities and assist with donation bin deliveries / pick ups. Additionally, parents / guardians should be prepared to assist with Kids' Court float decorating and planning. 


All participants are subject to the same rules and requirements without exception. This means registration fees must be paid, the registration form and waiver must be completed, and all mandatory events should be attended.

Children may only serve as Prince or Princess once but may serve as a court participant and volunteer for multiple years.

Children must complete at least one full Halloween season in order to be considered for Prince or Princess for the following year (ex. 2021 participants are eligible for 2022 Royalty).

Children receiving formal titles are required to work Costume Giveaway Day, ride on the Kids’ Court Float in the Halloween Parade, and participate in the Black and Orange Bash and Awards Brunch Program. Costumes, throws and float fees are not included in the Kids' Court registration fee.

The children who display exceptional leadership and service effort will be selected as the Prince and Princess by the Board of Directors. It can be a difficult decision and one that should be respected and supported as final once announced.

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