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Baton Rouge Cemeteries

Embark on a chilling journey through the haunted history of Baton Rouge, LA, as we delve into the mysterious tales surrounding Highland Cemetery, Magnolia Cemetery, and Sweet Olive Cemetery. Discover the secrets buried beneath the tombstones, encounter the spirits of long-gone residents, and explore the spine-tingling paranormal activities that make these resting places so eerily captivating.

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Unveiling the Haunted History of The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge

Uncover the chilling secrets of The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, an iconic music venue with a haunted past. Explore its history, architectural marvels, and the eerie encounters that have left visitors and staff spooked. Discover the ghost stories that have captivated generations, making The Spanish Moon a must-visit location for believers and skeptics alike.

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Haunted History of Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building

Discover the haunted history of Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge. Unearth the Gothic Revival masterpiece’s storied past, ghostly encounters, and mysterious entities that linger within its walls and grounds. From the Lady in Victorian attire to malevolent entities, delve into the chilling tales of paranormal activity that have made this architectural gem a spine-tingling destination for history enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike.

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