Ghastly Romance and Zombie Vows - 10/31 Consortium
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Ghastly Romance and Zombie Vows

Fifolet Festival’s Halloween Parade Presents a Fearsome Celebration

Baton Rouge, LA – Brace yourselves for an unforgettable evening of macabre enchantment as the Fifolet Festival beckons all fearless souls to its 13th Annual Halloween Parade and the eerie spectacle of “Fear of Commitment,” a spine-tingling vow renewal ceremony like no other.

Set against the backdrop of downtown Baton Rouge, this year’s Fifolet Halloween Festival unveils its chilling theme of “13: Fears and Phobias.” On October 28, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the streets will come alive with the city’s most haunting parade. Face your fears and join us to witness this mesmerizing spectacle in the streets!

amy and ricardo

The centerpiece of this eerie extravaganza is the “Fear of Commitment” parade krewe, a troupe of the undead who have decided to embrace love, for the living and the departed. In an act of devotion that defies both the grave and the norm, the krewe will conduct a real vow renewal ceremony, celebrating the decade-long union of Amy and Ricardo Agra. This beloved couple originally exchanged their vows on October 31, 2014, beneath the shadow of Halloween’s moonlight. The couple renews their vows every other year making this their fifth wedding. This year, they invite you to be part of their eerie love story as they reaffirm their commitment in the most unorthodox of ways.

Leading this motley wedding party of the undead will be their own flesh and blood – their children and treasured family members. The officiant for this chilling ceremony is none other than Kelley Stein, co-founder of the 10/31 Consortium and a true maestro of the macabre. Kelley, legally ordained to perform wedding ceremonies, will bind the couple’s souls in unholy matrimony once again.

We summon the entire community to gather at the unhallowed crossroads of St. Philip Street and Government Street at 3:00 PM, just before the parade’s chilling commencement. There, you will bear witness to the love and commitment of Amy and Ricardo Agra, as they take their vows once more, surrounded by a wedding party draped in the ghastly garb of the undead.

This Halloween season, the Fifolet Festival invites you to join us for an evening of dark romance, where love conquers even the most sinister of fears. Don your most spine-tingling attire, summon your inner ghoul, and come be part of this unearthly celebration.

For more information and updates on the Fifolet Festival’s Halloween Parade and “Fear of Commitment” vow renewal ceremony, please visit our website at or contact our press team at

Prepare to be haunted by the allure of love in the darkest of times. We dare you to attend – if you have the courage!

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