10/31 Consortium receives largest donation in its history - 10/31 Consortium
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10/31 Consortium receives largest donation in its history

Out-of-state foundation recognizes local Halloween charity with $20K donation

Baton Rouge, LA 10/31 Consortium, the local 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to bringing the children of our area a safe and happy Halloween and plans the annual Fifolet Halloween Festival, has announced its receipt of a $20,000 donation from an anonymous and out-of-state private foundation. 

“This is truly a transformational gift,” said Jamie Schexnayder, Founder and Chief Financial Officer of 10/31 Consortium. “We’re so humbled and thankful to see our work recognized by an organization outside of Louisiana in such a big way.”

A representative of the donating foundation, which would like to remain anonymous, stated “​​we love that you [10/31 Consortium] are using Halloween as a way to create and maintain community.”

“It’s so inspiring to see our hard work recognized,” said Saundra Lane of Gerry Lane Enterprises, 10/31 Consortium’s top corporate sponsor since its founding in 2010. “The volunteers who run 10/31 Consortium bring unique and much-needed services to Baton Rouge, and I’m happy others are finally noticing what we’ve known all along, that active and engaged neighborhoods are generally safer neighborhoods.” 

10/31 Consortium is hopeful that this gift will inspire others in their own backyard, and those who truly benefit from their efforts, to show more support. “We invite our local community foundations, businesses, and individuals to check out our meaningful work as well and join us in making Halloween safe and fun for every child in the Greater Baton Rouge area,” said Corey Tullier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 10/31 Consortium. 

“The traditions and folklore of Halloween create fun memories for children and adults alike,” said Tullier. “We’re passionate about making sure all children have the opportunity to experience the creativity and magic of the holiday without their loved ones having to worry about barriers like the cost of costumes and candy or the potential safety concerns involved in creating a neighborhood trick or treat experience.” 

The self-proclaimed “Halloween version of Toys for Tots” boasts five programs to ensure its long-term success. These are: 

  1. Trick or Treat Assistance – Helping neighborhoods fund and plan safe Halloween activities for their children.
  2. Costume and Candy Drive / Giveaway – Providing free costumes and candy to those in need.
  3. Halloween Bags for Hospitalized Children – Providing much needed smiles to kids in the hospital at Halloween.
  4. Kids’ Court Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program – Teaching kids the importance of leading with creativity and compassion, and giving back to our community.
  5. Special Awards – Recognizing the efforts of others who embody the ideals of community, courage, and creativity.

The organization also plans the multi-day Fifolet Halloween Festival which brings in crowds of over 30,000 to its annual Halloween Parade in downtown Baton Rouge. Through the coordinated efforts of these programs, the organization has raised over $160,000 worth of resources for the Greater Baton Rouge Community, plus the additional tourism impact every fall.

Anyone wishing to support 10/31 Consortium can do so by making a donation directly on the organization’s website, 1031Consortium.com, or through one of the organizations giving campaigns, such as 225Gives or AmazonSmile. Interested persons can also support the organization by becoming a part of the Halloween krewe here

The organization also has two upcoming events as part of the 2021 Fifolet Halloween Festival: the Fifolet Halloween Ball on October 23, a costumed “Mardi Gras” style ball with live music by Petty Betty, and the Fifolet Flip Flop Parade on October 30, a “reverse” parade featuring drive-through Halloween displays, and the first 1,000 children will receive a free bag of candy.

Although it is late in the season for this Halloween, any neighborhoods looking for assistance with Halloween activities should contact info@1031consortium.com with a list of immediate needs. The application process for 2022 will open next spring.

“It is really just so validating to have over ten years of hard work recognized by someone so far away,” said Kelley Stein, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “We are so very grateful and humbled, and we can’t wait to put this money to good use for the kids of Baton Rouge.”


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