Kids’ Court


  1. The 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors will select the Prince and Princess from those completing the program.

  2. The Big Buddy Program will select the Junior Prince and Junior Princess from their own program.

  3. The Halloween Parade King, Queen, Count and Countess will each be allowed up to 2 pages from those completing the program.

  4. Children may only serve as Prince or Princess once.

  5. Children must be age 6 – senior in high school to participate.

  6. A parent or guardian must complete the application below for children to participate in the program.

  7. Children must complete the entire program in order to be considered for Prince, Princess or Page for the following year (ex. 2018 participants are eligible for 2019 royalty).

  8. It is not a requirement that a parent or guardian be a Friend of 10/31 Consortium at the Full or Harvest Moon level, however priority will be given to those who are as space is highly limited. Only 10 children will be accepted per year.

  9. Parents or guardians will be notified of the dates of all Kids’ Court events upon acceptance to the program.

  10. 2018 Kids’ Court Royalty will complete their service work during the year of their reign and will be hand selected by the Board of Directors and 2018 Royalty. 2019 Kids’ Court Royalty will complete service work with 2018 Royalty and must complete the application below by July 1, 2018.



  1. Honor of holding the title of Baton Rouge Halloween Parade Prince, Princess, or Page for one year.

  2. Eligibility to ride on the Kids’ Court Float in the Halloween Parade: $15/child, $25/adult chaperone. Throws and costumes for children will be supplied by Party Time. Adult chaperones must supply own throws and costumes. BYO refreshments and a parent/guardian must sign a waiver for the child to ride.

  3. Name in press releases associated with the parade.

  4. Honor of presenting costumes to children in the Big Buddy Program and/or the 10/31 Consortium neighborhood beneficiary.

  5. Honor of announcing the next year’s Kids’ Court at the Black and Orange Bash in April.

  6. Listed in parade history on 10/31 Consortium website.

  7. Prince and Princess will receive free admission to the Black and Orange Bash, the Pumpkin Pi 3.14 Mile Race, and the Royalty Brunch during the year of your reign.



  1. Serve as an ambassador and represent 10/31 Consortium with respect and kindness to all.

  2. Appear in black and orange attire at the Black and Orange Bash for the official announcement party.

  3. Appear in crown and sash at the  Baton Rouge Halloween Parade and Royalty Brunch during the year of your reign.

  4. Refrain from making or wearing political, religious or social statements while representing 10/31 Consortium at our events and/or in any media interviews.


Kids' Court Application

Space is very limited on the Kids' Court. It is possible that not all applicants will be selected.

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