Kids’ Court



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The 10/31 Consortium Kids’ Court Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program was created in 2018. This program, for children age 6 to senior in high school, teaches valuable lessons in organization, compassion and public speaking. Participating children are also the selection pool to receive the honors of Baton Rouge Halloween Parade Royalty.


The program has 2 components: Service Work and Royal Titles.


Children in the Service Work phase of the program manage 10/31 Consortium’s Costume and Candy Drive by decorating and delivering donation bins, collecting donations, and then sorting and matching donations to our beneficiaries. 

They also manage and staff the Costume Giveaway Day which puts costumes directly into the hands of children who need them. The Service Work phase runs from mid-August to mid-October. 


Children completing Service Work will then be the selection pool for Royal Titles the following year. These include Baton Rouge Halloween Parade Prince, Princess and Royal Page (10 Royal Titles). Children awarded formal titles will receive special recognition at the Black and Orange Bash in late April, are required to ride on the Party Time Kids’ Court Float in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade, and are required to participate in the Royalty Brunch program which closes out the Fifolet Halloween Festival (both in late October, additional fees apply). Children awarded Royal Titles should also attend and assist with Costume Giveaway Day. The prince and princess also make a handful of public and media appearances (like the video below) to represent and promote the program. 


Applications for Service Work may be submitted at any time. Only children who have fully completed Service Work in the year prior will be eligible for Royal Titles.  


**Considering the newness of the program, there may be some overlap in Service Work and Royal Titles during the first few years until the application pool increases.