Kids’ Court Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program – Press Release


Contact: Bambi Pizzolato, President



10/31 Consortium Adds Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program to Halloween Royalty



Baton Rouge, LA 10/31 Consortium, the local 501c3 dedicated to bringing the children of our area a safe and happy Halloween, has added a Kids’ Court to its Halloween Parade Royalty Program. The Kids’ Court component will serve as the organizations Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program while also rewarding the children with various Halloween royalty titles and benefits.


“We’ve been talking about this for years and finally decided to just make it happen this year,” said board president, Bambi Pizzolato. “While there may be changes to the program as it grows and develops further, we think this is a fantastic start to getting it off the ground and we are very excited about it.”


The Kids’ Court Program will consist of ten (10) children aged six (6) to senior in high school. Children in the program must complete certain service projects within the organization. Space is limited in the program as those who complete it will serve as the next year’s Kids’ Court Royalty. Service projects include collecting, sorting and matching donated costumes to other children in need and helping with various Costume Giveaway Days put on by 10/31 Consortium.


“The idea is that the Kids’ Court participants physically place a costume in the hands of a kid that needs one, and thanks to the Big Buddy Program, we can make that happen,” said the charity’s founder, Kelley Criscoe Stein. The specific details, like dates of service projects, are still being hashed out, however the bones of the program are in place according to Stein.


The ten (10) children in the program will be awarded titles of Prince, Princess or Page by the 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors and adult royalty at the end of the service program. The Big Buddy Program will select two (2) children from their own program to serve as Junior Prince and Junior Princess. Along with other appearances, the Kids’ Court will also have their own float in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade. Since this is the first year, the inaugural Kids’ Court will complete their service work during the year of their reign.  There is no fee to join the program, however minimal fees ($15 for children, $25 for a parent or guardian) to cover basic expenses will apply to ride on the Kids’ Court float in the parade.


“It’s important that this program is accessible to anyone,” said board member, Todd McCoy. “This is about so much more than money.”


“The Big Buddy Program has been a recipient of 10/31 Consortium’s Costume Drive for eight (8) years, and our kids have been marching in the Halloween Parade from the start as well,” said Gay Mack, Executive Director of the Big Buddy Program. “This is a wonderful and natural progression of our partnership that’s already in place, and we are so thankful.”


The inaugural Kids’ Court, sans Junior Prince and Princess who will be selected by Big Buddy at a later date, will be announced at the Black and Orange Bash together with their adult counterparts (Halloween Parade King, Queen, Count and Countess), the theme of this year’s Halloween Parade and the Grand Marshal. The Black and Orange Bash is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 7 p.m. The location of the event is the Crown Plaza Hotel at 4728 Constitution Avenue. Tickets to the bash are $40 for adults, $20 for children, and Friends of 10/31 Consortium at the Full Moon level or above receive a 20% discount on the admission fees. The event includes appetizers, a cash bar, live entertainment and a silent auction. Tickets are for sale at


For more information and to complete an application for your child to participate in the 2018 Kids’ Court Youth Leadership and Volunteer Program, go to under the Friends of 10/31 Consortium tab.


10/31 Consortium is a Baton Rouge based 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to giving the kids of our area a safe and happy Halloween. The charity does this by helping neighborhoods revitalize the family tradition of Trick or Treat, by providing fun and encouraging Halloween activities for Hospitalized children and by planning various Halloween events for the entire Greater Baton Rouge Community such as the Fifolet Halloween Festival.