2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Earlier this year, your Board of Directors decided to make significant changes in some of our events and how we communicate with you, the Friends of 10/31 Consortium. Part of this included breaking out the “annual meeting” portion from the Black and Orange Bash. This allowed the “BOB” to be more of a bash and less of a meeting. However, it also meant we needed to add a meeting so the new Annual Member Meeting was born. We hope you will join us on Saturday, July 28 at noon at the Main Library on Goodwood in Room 102 for our 2018 Annual Member Meeting. We will have some snacks available and all are welcome to bring a friend or three! Children are also welcome so please don’t stress about childcare to attend. Costumes or Halloween flair are encouraged but not required. Please bring non-perishable food or child sized costume donations to receive door prize tickets. 


At the meeting, we will go over all of our preparations for this upcoming Halloween season. This includes but is not limited to our Trick or Treat Initiative, the Costume and Candy Drive, and of course, all of the fun events we have planned as part of the Fifolet Halloween Festival. We could certainly use your help, hope that you will attend the meeting and join a committee.


The Annual Member Meeting is also when we will accept nominations for the 2019 Board of Directors. Any member of Friends of 10/31 Consortium at the Full or Harvest Moon level can nominate or be nominated for the Board of Directors. Pending enough nominations for an election, an e-vote will go out to the membership in August and the new board will be notified in September. Board terms are for 2 years of service and those elected will begin on November 1, 2018. If you cannot make the meeting but would like to nominate yourself or a fellow Friend of 10/31 Consortium, you may do so by emailing info@1031Consortium.com. 


Board service is quite different from being a committee volunteer. Committees generally meet as needed and amp up around event time. They are more laid back, do not follow Robert’s Rules of Order, and can be very engaging creative sessions. Committee volunteers will work on creative projects, help with set up, and actually manage events. Board service focuses more on running the business of 10/31 Consortium. The board reviews budgets, organizes calendars, solicits sponsorships, sets the framework for the year that committees have to work within, and follows up to make sure all needs of the organization are being properly met. Board members meet monthly and follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Those who thrive in a creative and relaxed environment may enjoy being on a committee, while those seeking a leadership role and enjoy the act of doing business would be more suited to serving on the Board of Directors. We hope you will consider one of these truly rewarding volunteer positions.


I’d also like to give a big shout out to the Baton Rouge BeignYAYS and the Red Stick Skeleton Krewe for being the first to create fundraising teams for the year. Prizes for the winning teams will be given out at the Royalty Brunch on October 28. We hope all Halloween Parade krewes and Pumpkin Pi Race runners will consider starting a fundraising team as well. Start your team HERE today!


As always, we appreciate your support as we serve our community through the fun and creativity of Halloween! We hope to see you at our 2018 Annual Meeting, which also celebrates the 8 year anniversary of our First Meeting. Many, many heartfelt thanks to our Charter Members who have helped make this possible!



Bambi Pizzolato