10/31 Consortium Announces COVID-19 Planning Details for Fifolet Halloween Festival and New Board of Directors - 10/31 Consortium
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10/31 Consortium Announces COVID-19 Planning Details for Fifolet Halloween Festival and New Board of Directors

Baton Rouge, LA – 10/31 Consortium, the local 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to bringing the children of our area a safe and happy Halloween, has announced a new Board of Directors and information on the upcoming 2020 Fifolet Halloween Festival.

Joining the Board of Directors as Officers are President Corey Tullier, Secretary Jessica Bollinger and Treasurer Jamie Schexnayder. Other Directors include Travis Johnson, Saundra Lane, Amy LeBlanc, Mathilde Rivera, Kelley Stein and Craig Winchell. 

“I’m very excited to lead the organization in its tenth year with such an experienced and knowledgeable group of local professionals,” said Tullier, who is also one of the non-profit’s three founders. Tullier continued, “This year’s board has all three original founders, members with major event planning experience, professional advertising and marketing experience, active duty military, past board experience and a wealth of general business knowledge, so I know we will do great things with the team we have in place.” The other two founders of the organization are Jamie Schexnayder and Kelley Stein.

The Board of Directors is already diligently working on plans for the upcoming Halloween season. “Maintaining our charitable outreach of providing costumes for children and helping neighborhoods plan safe Halloween activities is ever-present at the forefront of our thoughts and efforts,” said Saundra Lane. “We may have to make adjustments for this year, but we will find a way to give kids in the Baton Rouge area a safe and fun Halloween,” she said. Adjustments such as a drive-through style free costume distribution are under consideration for the organization’s Costume Giveaway Day which attracted over 600 children last year.

Planning efforts for the Fifolet Halloween Festival, including its main event, the Halloween Parade, are also in effect. “We’ve already discussed the possibility of even having a parade with BRPD and the Downtown Development District due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Craig Winchell. “We understand that major event permits are not being issued at all until we reach Phase 3 of reopening. That said, if we can have a parade, we absolutely will, and if we can’t, we will find another way to celebrate as a community,” said Winchell. 

Given the lead time needed for such large-scale events, the organization plans to make final decisions for the Halloween season by August 15, 2020.


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