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Mrs. Jenkins’ Story

Heart of Halloween

Mrs. Jenkins’ Story

Once upon a time, there was an elderly widow in Baton Rouge named Mrs. Jenkins. She had lived alone ever since her husband passed away a few years ago. Her children and grandchildren lived out of state, so she had no one to visit her often. Mrs. Jenkins lived on a fixed income, and her medication costs had just gone up, leaving her with no disposable income to spend on Halloween candy for Trick or Treat. She would have to turn off her light and miss out on one of her favorite nights of the year.

As she sat on her front porch and watched the children in her neighborhood play, she felt a sense of loneliness wash over her. As she thumbed through a local magazine, she saw an ad for an organization called 10/31 Consortium. They help people have a safe and happy Halloween. She was hesitant at first but decided to give them a call.

When she called, the people at 10/31 Consortium were so kind and understanding. They told her not to worry, they would get her all the candy she needed so that she wouldn’t have to miss out on Trick or Treat after all. They even said they’d help her find a costume to make the night extra special!

Mrs. Jenkins was overjoyed! She couldn’t believe that she would be able to participate in Trick or Treat after all. Halloween day, a volunteer from 10/31 Consortium came to her house to drop everything off. Mrs. Jenkins received 3 huge bags of candy and a creepy witch costume. She got dressed and set everything up. She was so excited that she was ready to go an hour before Trick or Treat officially started.

Her house was the talk of the neighborhood! Everyone loved her costume and thought it was so wonderful that she dressed up all by herself just to entertain the kids. What they didn’t know is that it made her feel closer to her grandchildren and not so alone, even if for just one night.

As the children came to her door, Mrs. Jenkins jumped out to scare them before giving them their candy. The children laughed and screamed with delight. Mrs. Jenkins felt like a kid again, and for that one night, she forgot about her loneliness.

When the Trick or Treat was over, Mrs. Jenkins sat on her front porch, tired but happy. She felt grateful for the kindness of the people at 10/31 Consortium and for the opportunity to participate in Trick or Treat. She felt like she had made new friends in her neighborhood, and for that one night, she didn’t feel so alone.

From that day forward, Mrs. Jenkins made it a point to participate in as many community events as possible. She volunteered at the local library and senior center, and even started a knitting group at her church. She realized that even though her family was far away, she still had a community of people around her who cared.

In the end, Mrs. Jenkins learned that it’s never too late to make new connections and to feel like you’re part of something bigger. And she was grateful for the reminder that a little kindness can go a long way in making someone feel seen and appreciated.

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