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Alex’s Story

Heart of Halloween

Alex’s Story

Once upon a time, in Baton Rouge, there was a little boy named Alex who loved superheroes, especially Batman. Halloween was just around the corner, and Alex was super excited because his school had decided to celebrate “wear your costume to school day” the following week. Alex wanted to dress up as Batman and show off his costume to his classmates, but there was one problem: his parents could not afford to buy him the costume.

Alex was worried that he would have to go to school in his regular uniform, and that the other kids would make fun of him. He was also worried that people wouldn’t give him any candy at trick-or-treat because he didn’t have a costume. So, he decided that he would rather stay home and miss out on all the fun.

One day, his mother noticed that he seemed sad and asked him what was wrong. Alex explained his dilemma, and his mother gave him a big hug and promised that they would find a way to get him a costume.

The next day, his mother told him that they were going shopping for his costume. Alex was excited, but also confused as to where they were going to find a costume they could afford. His mother took him to the library, and Alex was even more confused. How could they buy a costume at the library?

But when they arrived, Alex saw that there were a bunch of other families there waiting in a long line. There were people in funny costumes playing with the kids in line, a beautiful queen dressed up in black and orange was reading a Halloween story to the kids, and there was even a group of people dancing. Then, a large black cat mascot came out and took pictures with all the kids!

They waited in line for while but there was so much happening that the time went by quickly and they had lots of fun, too. When it was their turn, they walked into a large meeting room, and Alex saw so many tables piled high with all sorts of costumes. The nice ladies working there told him to pick out whatever costume he wanted, and they even helped him find his size.

All of the kids were playing and having fun, and every kid left with a costume. It was such a great day. Alex was happy and he loved seeing his mom so happy, too. He couldn’t wait to pick out his costume at the library again next year! Alex’s mom even told her friends about 10/31 Consortium’s Costume Giveaway Day and they all plan to go together next year.

On Halloween day, Alex proudly wore his Batman costume to school, and he received many compliments from his classmates. He had an amazing time trick-or-treating, and he even met some new friends along the way.

Alex realized that sometimes, when things don’t seem possible, there is always a way to make them happen. He learned that he didn’t need to be afraid to ask for help, and that there are always people willing to lend a hand.

Most importantly, Alex learned that Halloween isn’t just about the candy or the costumes; it’s about having fun and making memories with the people you love.

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