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2023 Fifolet Festival Theme

It’s finally time to announce all of the gory details on this year’s Fifolet Halloween Festival. The Fifolet Halloween Festival has origins starting in 2011 with the first Baton Rouge Halloween Parade. That makes 2023 our 13th year… Lucky 13, to be exact.

In celebration of this killer anniversary, we want to know what you are afraid of…

Is it cockroaches?

Is it clowns?

Are you superstitious about broken mirrors or walking under a ladder?

Or is it snakes or heights that terrify you?

We want to know what truly scares you because this 13th year will be a frightful celebration of your Fears and Phobias! Join us October 26-29 for the Zombie Pub Crawl, Halloween Ball, Fifolet 5k, Arts Market, Halloween Parade, and Awards Brunch!

Brought to life by local artist, Carlin Mumphrey, the 2023 Fifolet Halloween Festival theme is a celebration of our 13th anniversary and our biggest fears. Can you spot the 13 fears and phobias illustrated in the poster? 

2023 Poster

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