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We’re going beadless!

10/31 Consortium – your local Halloween themed non-profit and krewe – announced on Earth Day that participants will no longer throw traditional beads during our annual Halloween parade, making it the first event of its kind in the Greater Baton Rouge Area to go “beadless.”

The Halloween parade is part of our signature Fifolet Halloween Festival, held in downtown Baton Rouge. This year, the festival will take place October 27 – 30, with the Halloween parade rolling on Saturday, October 29. 

“We are always looking for ways to be innovative and better stewards of our community,” said Corey Tullier, Founder, President and CEO of 10/31 Consortium. “By going beadless, our goal is to reduce the environmental impact our parade has on our city. We know our parade participants will come up with some fun ideas for alternatives to traditional beads. We can’t wait to see their creativity!”

This isn’t the first time we have modified our Halloween parade. For the last two years, due to COVID-19 restrictions and precautions, we reimagined the event as a “reverse parade” – inviting members of the community to drive through festive Halloween displays and collect candy and other parade throws from the safety of their vehicles. 

As for the “beadless” shift, our new policy will be optional for the 2022 parade, but will become mandatory in 2023 and beyond.

“Earth Day is an important reminder that we must all do our part to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our community,” said Kelley Stein, Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Chair of the Fifolet Halloween Festival. “Over the years, we’ve witnessed a decline in the crowd’s enthusiasm for plastic beads, which only results in more waste on our city’s streets. Our goal is to decrease litter and throw items we know the crowd will love.”

Alternative throws will likely include individually wrapped candy, plush toys, handmade crafts and more.

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