2023 Saundra Lane Community Award Recipient - 10/31 Consortium
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2023 Saundra Lane Community Award Recipient

Jennifer Richardson became frustrated with the litter epidemic in Baton Rouge so, in 2020, she put an ad in the Nextdoor app and on Facebook inviting friends to help her cleanup on Essen Lane at Jefferson. About 10 volunteers showed up and they collected 42 contractor bags of garbage. Jennifer and her volunteers were all overjoyed at the blight to beautiful project and photos of their work were a viral sensation in Baton Rouge. She decided to keep going and Tiger Town Beautiful was officially organized.

Since that day, Jennifer and her volunteers have picked up 9400 contractor bags of garbage, 120 public trash cans have been placed, 100’s of tires have been picked up, 100’s of drains and ditches have been cleaned out, 100’s of shopping carts have been returned to businesses, thousands of drug needles have been picked up and dozens of abandoned homeless camps have been cleaned up.

Baton Rouge owes her a debt of gratitude and 10/31 is humbled to honor her tonight. Please congratulate the trashiest woman in Baton Rouge, Jennifer Richardson, recipient of the 2023 Saundra Lane Community Award.

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