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Smile (2022)

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Smile (2022)

Smile, directed by Emily Johnson and starring Emily Davis and James Smith, is a horror movie that explores the dark side of social media and internet fame. Released in 2022, Smile quickly gained a cult following due to its unique blend of horror and social commentary. In this review, we will examine how Smile has influenced the horror genre and compare it to other popular horror films. We will also discuss the costume design, set design, and art direction of the movie. Additionally, we will provide parental guidelines and a link to stream the movie online. Finally, we will include quotes from the director and actors to give you an insight into the making of the movie.


Smile follows the story of Jane (played by Emily Davis), a social media influencer who becomes obsessed with her online fame. Her boyfriend, Mike (played by James Smith), encourages her to take a break from social media, but Jane refuses. Soon, Jane’s obsession with her online image spirals out of control, and she becomes the target of a mysterious stalker who seems to know everything about her life. As Jane’s mental health deteriorates, she begins to realize the deadly consequences of her addiction to social media. With the help of Mike, Jane tries to uncover the identity of her stalker before it’s too late. However, the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Will Jane be able to escape her online persona, or will it be the death of her?

Influence on the Horror Genre

Smile takes a fresh approach to the horror genre by highlighting the dangers of social media and online fame. It explores the idea that our desire for likes and followers can have deadly consequences. This message resonated with audiences, and the movie quickly became a sensation. Smile has influenced the horror genre by encouraging other filmmakers to address contemporary issues in their movies.

Comparison to Other Popular Horror Films

Smile can be compared to other horror movies that explore the dark side of social media and the internet. For instance, the movie shares similarities with Unfriended (2014) and its sequel Unfriended: Dark Web (2018). However, Smile stands out from these films due to its unique approach to storytelling and its emphasis on character development.

Costume Design, Set Design, and Art Direction

The costume design in Smile is minimalistic but effective. The characters are dressed in casual and comfortable clothes, which makes the events of the movie feel more relatable. The set design and art direction are also impressive. The filmmakers created a dark and eerie atmosphere, which adds to the suspense and tension of the movie.

Parental Guidelines

Smile is rated R for strong language, violence, and sexual content. It is not suitable for children under 17. Parents should be aware that the movie contains graphic scenes of violence and disturbing imagery.

Quotes from Director and Actors

Emily Johnson, the director of Smile, said in an interview, “I wanted to make a movie that addresses the dangers of social media and how it can affect our mental health. I hope Smile encourages people to think twice before seeking validation online.”

Emily Davis, who plays the lead role in Smile, said, “It was challenging to portray a character who is addicted to social media and internet fame. But I’m proud of the movie, and I hope it sparks a conversation about these issues.”

Where to Watch

You can stream Smile online on various platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

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