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Night of Phobaphobia

Night of Phobophobia

Join us if you dare for a night of spine-tingling flavors and eerie entertainment at 10/31 Consortium’s Jambalaya Cook-Off!

Step into the mysterious world of Louisiana’s most haunted cook-off event, where the cauldrons are bubbling, and the jambalaya is bewitched! We summon all you brave souls, aged 21 and over, to embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Admission is absolutely FREE but prepare to part with a mere $10 donation to unlock the secrets hidden within each cauldron of jambalaya.

Contestants: Be at George’s Place by 7:00 p.m. with your ready-to-eat jambalaya in a pot or cauldron that will keep it warm, and be prepared to enchant the taste buds of our fearless tasters! There is no fee to enter the contest.

Tasters: Prepare your taste buds for a showdown of epic proportions as you sample the spookiest and most tantalizing jambalayas crafted by our contestants. Each $10 CASH donation grants you a sample of each pot and a vote, and your choice will determine which witch or warlock wins the coveted Cauldron Contest. May the most magical jambalaya prevail!

Variety Show: Our mystical evening is not just about the culinary delights. Prepare to be enchanted by a variety show that will leave you spellbound! Witness spotlight performances by the mesmerizing Gia GiaVanni and the enchanting Crystal Regin-Ballz. They will cast a spell on your senses, igniting your Halloween spirit!

Dress to Impress: Don’t forget to come dressed in your most hauntingly enchanting costumes! This Night of Phobophobias celebrates your biggest fears so dress to scare!

Prizes Await: The night wouldn’t be complete without rewards for the most spellbinding contestants. The winner of the Cauldron Contest shall receive a prize worthy of their mystical culinary skills.

Join us under the bewitched moonlight, where the aroma of jambalaya blends with the magic of Halloween. 10/31 Consortium’s Jambalaya Cook-Off promises an unforgettable evening of mystery, flavors, and entertainment that will leave you haunted by memories for years to come. Don’t miss out on this supernatural soirée!

Hourly Schedule

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7pm -
Contestant Setup
7:30pm -
Variety Show
8:30pm -
Winners Announced


Oct 06 2023


7:30 pm


George's Place
860 St. Louis Street
Corey Tullier


Corey Tullier

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