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10/31 Consortium Launches New Website for Charity, Krewe and Fifolet Halloween Festival

Baton Rouge – 10/31 Consortium, the local Halloween charity and krewe, has launched a new website with an updated products page as well as a new events module for the Fifolet Halloween Festival.

10/31 Consortium, often described as “a Halloween version of Toys for Tots,” relies on krewe membership dues, as well as with merchandise and event ticket sales to help fund its charitable initiatives. The new site, crafted by BlakSheepCreative, will streamline and automate many of these processes for the 100% volunteer-run organization.

“We are so grateful to Clint Sanchez and the BlakSheep Creative team,” said 10/31 Consortium President and CEO, Corey Tullier. “Thanks to them, we can now better focus on our true purpose of giving children a safe and fun Halloween.”

New additions to the site include branded merchandise shopping, full account management for krewe members, online chat, and a robust events module which allows the organization to sell event tickets without having to go through a third-party site.“

There were so many limitations with the old site,” said Clint Sanchez from BlakSheep Creative. “This is such a unique and fun organization; they really needed a site that captures all they have to offer and we’re proud to have provided that for them.”

You can check out the updated site and become a krewe member at 1031Consortium.com.


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