Trick or Treat Assistance – Success!

We are excited to share the success of our first Trick or Treat revitalization efforts!


The Melrose Place subdivision was selected as our first neighborhood beneficiary. This is an older neighborhood on the cusp of North Baton Rouge and located at the corner of Florida Boulevard and North Foster. The neighborhood has a mixed racial and socioeconomic demographic. Known as the “Bocage of the 50s,” Melrose Place has undergone many changes in the past several decades. A recent resurgence of families moving into the neighborhood has it poised for revitalization. The neighborhood association completed our Trick or Treat Assistance application after some new residents noticed that many children were Trick or Treating in their school uniforms and that many houses were not participating in handing out candy. They recognized that Trick or Treat shows the pulse of the neighborhood and they decided to take action with us. The results were outstanding!


Participation summary:

  1. 50 Costumes were donated for kids age 2-12

  2. Estimated turn-out was over 100 trick-or-treaters, 100% dressed in a costume. Compared to last year, Melrose Place had 50-75 trick-or-treaters with about 50% in costumes. 

  3. 30 homes requested free candy. About 10 of those homes explicitly said they don’t normally hand out candy, but were participating because of our efforts.



  1. “I’ve been waiting for this costume my whole life!” – Lincoln Peixoto, 6 y/o Grim Reaper

  2. “I estimate that we had over 100 kids, and I had more fun than the kids.” – Richard Clement, Melrose resident since 1994

  3. “Great work Melrose Place! What a great night in our great neighborhood ️.” – Hunter Savard, Mom to 6 y/o and Melrose resident since since 2013

  4. “Every kid was wearing a costume which is a remarkable change from my first Halloween in Melrose two years ago.” – Susie Weeks, Melrose resident  since 2015


This is a great start to our new charitable initiative and shows the importance of neighborhood events like Trick or Treat. We are looking forward to working with Melrose Place and other neighborhoods in the future!