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The scarecrow is one of the most iconic harvest images. Just thinking of the word "harvest" brings to mind images of fields of corn, farm houses, barns, and yes, scarecrows. His purpose is to, well, scare the crows away. Crows... those flying thieves of crops our farmers work so hard to produce. Living in the city, we don't get to see these images too often, however we do have our fair share of "scarecrows" and "crows."   The word "harvest"

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They say, “Knowledge is power.” If that is the case, then members of 10/31 Consortium have a new found power to positively and forever change the Baton Rouge community. This newsletter and our new website (coming soon) exist to keep you informed of the many fun and creative ways to volunteer your time, resources, and talents to the betterment of Baton Rouge. Just for a moment, imagine the possibilities with me…   Imagine a Baton Rouge

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    Costume Sorting and Matching

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!   Volunteers will pick up all donated costumes from all donation drop off points

    10/12/2019 - 08:00 am Baton Rouge

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