Spam box monster eating your e-newsletters? Try the 10/31 texting feature!

10/31 Consortium’s e-newsletters are the best way to keep current on events and club news. E-mail programs will often move bulk e-mails like ours into the junk folder without you knowing. To help solve this problem, we are now sending out a link to the newsletter when it is released, so all you need to do is click on the text link to get to the e-newsletter.

The text service is called Remind, a free group texting service that started out as a service for teachers and students. Maybe you are already using Remind for your kids’ school.

Sign up to receive 10/31 Member texts with this super simple form via Remind. Once signed up, you will receive a welcome text message. We recommend that you save the number in your contacts so you know it is us!

If you want a pretty interface and additional options, try the Remind app! If you already have the app, join the 10/31 Members “class,” using the class code @1031m.

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