Royalty Points

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It is the goal of the 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors to encourage a healthy spirit of competition through service; the prize of which shall be the coveted titles: 


Baton Rouge Halloween Parade King and Queen








By removing money and politics from royalty selection, 10/31 Consortium has made these highest honors attainable to all Full Moon level members! 



1. You must be current Full or Harvest Moon Member.

2. Points are collected annually from July 1 – June 30.

3. Points are non-transferable and will only be awarded to the member who earned them.

4. Turning in points in the responsibility of the member and must be done so using the form link above within 2 weeks of the point accumulation.

5. You may turn in points on behalf of yourself or another Full or Harvest Moon level member, however the points must have been earned by the person receiving them.

6. At the end of the time period, points are exported directly from the website form. All information remains exactly as the member inputs it into the form. A non-biased, third party who is not affiliated with 10/31 Consortium verifies the winners and sends a letter of confirmation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will contact the winners no later than the first week of July.



1. Honor of holding the title of Baton Rouge Halloween Parade King or Queen for one year.

2. Ride in the royal convertible for free in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade. (Or, you may opt to have a float or other unit type for the standard fee.)

3. $100 Costume allowance.

4. Name in press releases associated with the parade.

5. Honor of presenting the 10/31 Consortium donation check to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in December.

6. Honor of crowning the next year’s royalty at the Black and Orange Bash in July.

7. Listed in parade history on 10/31 Consortium website.

8. Free admission to the Peanut Butter Cup Miniature Golf Tournament, the Black and Orange Bash, the Ghostly Gala, the Zombie Pub Crawl, the Pumpkin Pi 3.14 Mile Race, and the Royalty Brunch during the year of your reign.



1. Serve as an ambassador and represent 10/31 Consortium with respect and kindness to all.

2. Appear in crown and sash at all major 10/31 Consortium events for the year of your reign.

3. Refrain from making or wearing political, religious or social statements while representing 10/31 Consortium at our events and/or in any media interviews.