Charter Members

10/31 Consortium would not exist today if it weren’t for the support and hard work of its Charter Members (people who joined prior to January 1, 2012). Thank you to all Charter Members and Inaugural Board Members (*) for believing in this organization and taking a chance on something new!



Abbie Baronet Rorex

Adam Arinder

Adrienne Harrison

Alexa Arinder

Allison Music

Allison Rogers

Amber Boudreaux

Amy Sellers

Anne Delatte

Becka Autin

Blythe Johnson

Bobbi Parry

Bridget Kerley

Brittney LeBlanc

Camile Schexnayder

Carolyn Rice

Cecily Criscoe Patin

Christie Matherne

Cindy Cagnolatti

Corey Tullier*

Danielle Gremillion

Deborah Trahan

Denise Clause*

Don Harris

Drew Cothern

Dustin Thomas

Dustin Woolverton

Dwayne Sanburn

Elizabeth Perry

Ernest Ourso, Jr.

Evelyn Schexnayder

Everette Rabalais

Gary Brown

Gaylyn Mack

Greg Mullowney

Heidi Burris

Jamie Schexnayder*

Javier Presas

Jay McGee

Jeanette Foster

Jennifer Chick*

Jennifer Favaron

Jennifer Parker

Jessica Edwards Newsom*

Jim Criscoe

Jim Omohundro

John Burley

John Deshotel, Jr.*

John Paul Funes

Joseph Martin

Josh Couvillion

Josh Dickerhoof

Josh Dunham

Josie Criscoe

Julie Arinder

Kaci Champion

Kandy Kennedy

Kareem Griffen*

Kat Turner-Thalleen

Kathleen Mocklin

Kathy Ourso

Kati Presas

Katy Ned

Kay Stanzel

Keith Buras

Kelley Criscoe Stein*

Kelly Kriger

Kelly Miller

Kim Lambert

Kyle Crane

Lance Parker

Lauren Losuvio

Lauren Salvant

Lauren Tucker

Laurie Hardison

Lisa Abrams

Marcus Gould*

Marielle Land Howard

Mark Lawrence

Marlene Gintner

Melisa Rad*

Memry Dake

Meredith Beck-Wiggins

Mike Favaron

Mike Manning

Nelson Maddox

Nicole Duet Latiolais

Nik Stein

Pam Gray

Pam Taylor

Patricia Allen-Bowman

Philana Omorotionmwan

Rachel Bergin

Rainee Rayburn Dunham*

Randy Rice

Rebecca Bernard

Rikki Hegwood

Rose Jordan

Sacha Tessier*

Sara Dickerhoof

Saundra Lane

Scott Murry*

Sean Molony

Shane Courrege

Sharon Messersmith

Stacy Simon

Stephen McCants

Teddi Hessburg

Terry Molony

Tina Rance

Todd McCoy*

Todd Terminie

Tom Faciane

Toni Mascarella

Travis Darsam

Travis Johnson

Travis Swaggerty

Walt Arinder

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Special Awards Luncheon

Friday, June 7 at 11:30 a.m. Location TBD Cheer on the nominees and winners of 10/31 Consortium's 2019

06/07/2019 - 11:30 am Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

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