Happy Halfoween!

Happy Halfoween! Did you know that Halfoween originated from people being fed up with the fact that we only dress up for Halloween once a year!?!? It’s much too fun and should be celebrated more frequently! Thus, Halfoween was born. Halfoween consists of all the relevant traditions from Halloween: Fun and games, people dressing up in costumes, candy, tricks and treats… all of which you can find at our annual Halfoween celebration, the Peanut Butter Cup Miniature Golf Tournament!


We’re adding another element to our Halfoween celebration this year, however. This one has a message of health and fitness for young girls. We are honored to host a watering station for Girls on the Run this Saturday. If you’re not familiar with this race, I suggest you check it out and join us as we cheer on these special young ladies. You can read up on them HERE and email me at info@1031Consortium.com to volunteer.


As if these two events weren’t enough to keep us busy, we are also already starting the permit process with the City of Baton Rouge for this year’s parade. This is an extensive process involving many city government departments. And, starting next month, we’ll begin planning our annual Halloween season kickoff event, the Black and Orange Bash. You’ll get all of the gory details on this year’s parade and gala at the bash, and we’ll also give out some Special Awards. I hope you’ll consider nominating someone for an award. The deadline is May 31.


As always, your board of directors is hard at work behind the scenes to bring you fun and charitable events with a wicked little Halloween spin. We hope you will join us at all that we have planned for you as we close in on the best holiday of the year – Halloween!


I’d also like to give a special THANK YOU to our sponsors of the 5th Annual Peanut Butter Cup Miniature Golf Tournament: AIM Print and Ship, Alchymia, Deer Haven Dental Lab, Dental Careers Institute, Gerry Lane Enterprise, On Hold Systems, Rent A Princess, Sherwood Dental Care, and Valkyrie Rouge Tribal Belly Dance. We appreciate their continued support and are honored to have them as part of 10/31 Consortium.


by Lauren Collins

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