Halloween Make Up Class

We are so excited to host our first ever Halloween make up class! We’ve partnered with 2 amazing artists, Jesse Shoemaker of NOLA Howling Productions and Chad Besse of Mystic FX, to bring you the best tips and tricks on how to apply your Halloween make up. This class is open to all skill levels but will lean more toward the beginner and will use supplies available at any party store.

Students will learn how to create realistic bruises and wounds, technical application of grease make up, how to work with liquid latex, and will receive training on applying their own Halloween make up kits.This is a comprehensive 2 hour class. The first hour will be more of a lecture style and the second will focus on application practice with Q and A.

Class fees are $20 for 10/31 Members and $30 for Non-Members. Cash or check only at the door. Credit cards on Event Brite: http://2015makeupclass.eventbrite.com

Location: Violet Lotus Studios, 4213 Government Street, Suite C

Students must bring their own supplies:

Cream Foundation: One bottle 2 shades lighter than your skin tone and one bottle 3 shades darker than your skin tone. Found at any drug store.

Eye shadow / Blush: In this case, cheaper is better, and preferable without glitter. You will need red/pink, basic blue, deep purple, olive green, yellow, dark and light brown. Found at any drug store.

Cream / Grease Make Up: Students can pick up a kit for their preferred make up, or bring a color set of red, white, black, blue brown, and yellow. These are generally found at party supply stores, Halloween stores, or theatrical make up stores.

Liquid Latex: A small bottle is all that’s necessary for the class. These can be found at party supply stores, Halloween stores, or theatrical make up stores.

Applicators: A variety of brushes will be required. You can purchase various sets of small size brushes at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores. Additional applicators needed are make up wedges, powder puffs, cotton balls, tissue paper and/or paper towels.

Talc / Baby Powder: Found at any drug store.

The following is a list of specific brand name make ups and additional supplies you may choose to purchase instead of or in addition to what is listed above. These are only found at specialty theatrical make-up stores. We suggest visiting www.last-looks.com (Last Looks in Metairie) or www.fxwarehouse.info to make these purchases.

  • Ben Nye
  • Krylon
  • Mehron
  • Charcoal powder
  • Green Marble
  • Sealer spray

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