Costume Sorting and Matching

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  • Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Baton Rouge



Volunteers will pick up all donated costumes from all donation drop off points or storage and bring it to the Goodwood Library at 8 am on Saturday October 12. We will have a list from Big Buddy and from our Neighborhood Beneficiary of each child’s size and costume wish. We will match the donated costumes to the names on the lists, create a list of costumes still needed and sort the remaining costumes by gender and size. At noon, anyone needing a costume will come in to shop the remaining costumes for free.


This is a very rewarding day and gives the opportunity to directly help a child experience the joy of Halloween. Families, school groups, churches and other area nonprofits are encouraged to volunteer together to help spread Halloween cheer. Contact for more info on volunteering.