Corey Tullier





When discussing the new Courage Award, the board decided that courage didn’t necessarily just mean dangerous acts of valor. Courage, more often than not, means standing up for what you believe in. It means not only making bold decisions, but acting on them as well. Courage of conviction is the basis of this award.


Tonight’s Courage Award recipient is a natural fit for that description. He works in a very traditional, respected, and depending on your perspective, a somber environment. While he maintains the highest level of professionalism and respect for his line of work, he also understands that we simply can’t take life too seriously – even in death, which he literally faces every single day. He is a natural leader with the courage to direct and act despite criticism, fear or the unknown.


Our recipient has been the General Manager of Greenoaks Memorial Park and Funeral Home for 6 years. He is also the Treasurer of the Louisiana Funeral Directors’ Association. Despite this morbid working environment, our honoree is quite full of life. He is very active in the Krewe of Apollo in which he currently serves as the krewe’s Captain and was also recently honored as Queen Apollo 31. And let me just say that the words “stage fright” are not in his vocabulary! It takes a lot of courage to do what he does on stage!


It is this passion for life and courage of conviction that led this funeral home general manager to making some very bold and somewhat controversial professional decisions. These include breaking the mold and sponsoring events such as our very own Halloween Parade. He dared to have a vision beyond the grave and it has brought his company great success.


He has courage in life, courage in love and courage in his profession.


Tonight’s recipient is someone who I am proud to call a friend. During his time on the 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors, he taught me great lessons in leadership and inspired me to move past my own fears and insecurities. He is never, ever afraid to say what needs to be said. And for that we honor him tonight.


Please join me in congratulating Corey Tullier, recipient of 10/31 Consortium’s first Courage Award. Additionally, from this point forward, the award shall be named the Corey Tullier Courage Award.