Krewe Types

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RULES AND REGULATIONS – For real, please read this

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CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS – All mail-in payments must be postmarked by Monday, October 15, 2018. Mail checks to 10/31 Consortium, 9655 Perkins Road, Suite C-1031, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. Payments in full due by Sunday, October 21, 2018 at the Safety Meeting.




Advertising Krewe –  This is defined as any for profit business wishing to display their company name, logo, and/or contact information to the crowd for the purposes of advertising. Advertising further consists of throwing promotional items to the crowd. This krewe type may register any unit type for $1,000. There is no member discount for Advertising Krewes.


Non-Profit Krewe – This is defined as a 501c3 corporation that is not associated with a school or church. This krewe type may advertise. This krewe type may register any unit type for $450. There is no member discount for Non-Profit Krewes.


Community Organization Krewe – This is defined as a 501c3 organization that is not a large corporation. This krewe type may advertise. Examples include scouting troupes, church groups and student organizations. This krewe type may register any unit type for $300. There is no member discount for Community Organization Krewes.


Dance Teams – This is defined as a competitive dance team through a local elementary, middle or high school, or through a privately owned dance school. The dancers should consist of minor students. Student Dance Teams may carry a banner with their school name and contact information, however no other advertising is allowed.  All dance routines must be choreographed to Halloween music. Only 10 (ten) Student Dance Teams will be allowed to enter the Halloween Parade. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. This krewe type is for dancing units only. The member registration fee is $5 per dancer. Non members are subject to a 20% fee increase. 



Standard Krewe – This is defined as a group of people joining the parade together for fun. No other advertising is allowed. Standard Krewe dancing units are generally called Dance Troupes. These are different from Dance Teams (an example is the Baton Rouge Beign YAYS).  This krewe type may register any unit type, however the fees vary by unit type: Member Float $600, Member Truck and Trailer $450, Member Small Motorized Vehicles $30 per vehicle, Member Walking Unit $5 per walker, Member Dance Troupe $5 per dancer, Member Bicycle Unit $5 per bicyclist. Krewe Captains can become a 10/31 Consortium member to receive the member registration fee. Non-members are subject to a 20% fee increase.


Add Ons – Any krewe or unit type may add on a Support Vehicle to carry music and/or supplies for an additional $50. 10/31 Consortium can provide a fully decorated float (excluding driver, DJ, generator, throws and refreshments) for $1,500. There is non member discount for fully decorated floats.


No Krewe? No problem! Members can register as an Individual Walker for $15 (non members subject to 20% fee increase). Individual Walkers must dress according to categories as they will be grouped together with other Individual Walkers to form the semblance of a Walking Group. This is a great way to make new friends and start your own krewe next year!





Step 1: People. A krewe generally requires around 20 people, one of whom must serve as the krewe captain. The captain manages and organizes the krewe.


Step 2: Unit. Decide as a krewe what type of unit you would like to have in the parade. See the Unit List for more info. This will determine how much your entry will cost. 


Step 3: Plan. Determine your krewe theme. This can be in line with the parade theme or it can be something different; however, all krewe themes must be Halloween related. All krewe members should dress according to your krewe theme and your unit should be decorated to this theme if applicable. Schedule costume making and unit decorating days. Schedule days to make your very own custom throws or to go shopping for them together. Have fun and get creative as a krewe! (Parade day is long, so definitely plan food and drinks.)


Step 4: Register. Don’t forget to register your krewe! The deadline to register is Friday, October 20 at noon and the deadline to pay is Sunday, October 22 at the Mandatory Safety Meeting. Don’t forget to read the Rules and Regulations prior to registering!


Step 5: Roll! Gather your krewe and roll with the rest of the parade on Saturday, October 28 in Downtown Baton Rouge! Laissez le BOO temps rouler!

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