Board Nominations

2016 board

2016 Board of Directors – Not pictured Todd McCoy




—-All nominees must be a current Full or Harvest Moon member of 10/31 Consortium in good standing (dues paid).


—-All nominees must submit a photo and address in order to be properly vetted on the Sex Offender list. 



—-Being elected to the Board of Directors is truly an honor, yet it is also a year-round act of service. Board meetings are held every month throughout the entire year and multiple times per month in the fall. Meetings are usually on Tuesday evenings. Does your nominee have the time and flexibility for this type of commitment?


—-This is a working board. Each position has tasks and duties that must be performed in order to successfully run the business and fundraising events of 10/31 Consortium. Committees should be formed under each board member to help ease the workload. Does your nominee have the leadership skills needed to recruit committee members and delegate responsibilities as needed?


—-This is a creative organization filled with many fun events. However, board service is more for those who thrive in business settings and have professional experience to offer for the entire year. Those looking for a less formal experience, or are interested in one particular event rather than the entire year, may want to consider serving on a committee. Committee involvement offers a relaxed, fun and creative environment without the responsibility of crunching numbers, creating marketing plans and running the 501c3 properly. Does your nominee enjoy the act of business or does he/she prefer a more free-thinking and creative setting?


—-Serving on the board of a 501c3 largely means a lot of paperwork and organization. Board members are expected to contribute to the writing and revising as needed of policy, procedures, bylaws, and general rules and guidelines of the organization. The other large part is making sure that the organization remains fiscally responsible and ethical in all matters. Computer and internet access as well as skills in Word and Excel are a must have; an understanding of budgeting is a must have; simple design, Social Media and Word Press proficiency are bonuses. Does your nominee have the experience or expertise needed to have these in-depth discussions and contribute input to matters of nonprofit management? Does your nominee have the practical skill set needed to do the job?


—-Serving on the board of directors is an altruistic form of giving back to our community. Positions are filled by volunteers with professional experience who are not looking for recognition or reward of any kind. Therefore, as of July 1, 2017, members of the board are not eligible to receive Royalty Points. Additionally, once elected to the board, all board members must sign the Conflict of Interest Policy. Does your nominee want to volunteer without the recognition and praise that comes from other forms of involvement and service?