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My name is Bambi Pizzolato and I took office as the 10/31 Consortium Board President on November 1, 2017. While things have been a bit quiet on the Halloween front since then, your 10/31 Consortium board has been hard at work behind the scenes to streamline processes, focus on our new mission, and recruit volunteers for our many fun and creative projects ahead.

Our December Board Retreat was, unfortunately, held via Go To Meeting due the unusual snow event in Baton Rouge. If you ever doubt the dedication of your board members, just think about the fact that they spent 6 hours on the phone for this retreat instead of playing in the snow with their families! Even though the retreat was held over the phone, we still accomplished a great deal, including setting our calendar of events for the year which you can see below or on our website HERE. Many of our signature events have significant date changes, so please review the calendar carefully.

After the retreat, we enjoyed the holidays with our families and those of us who managed not to come down with the flu had our regular board meeting in January. This meeting focused on our annual budget, goal setting and recruiting volunteers. Many events already have non-board member chair persons assigned, however committees still need to be filled. Please let us know if you are interested in working on our Costume and Candy Drive, our Costume Giveaway, helping with Trick or Treat in Melrose Place Subdivision, or serving on an event committee, like the Ghostly Gala or Halloween Parade.

For those of you who follow us regularly, you may be aware that we are in a state of transition. 10/31 Consortium began as a Halloween parade group that gave to local charities. We are now a Halloween charity that plans a festival as a fundraiser for our direct service initiative. These are big and significant changes that will take time to fully realize. The first step, however, begins with you. When you speak of 10/31 Consortium now, we ask that you no longer refer to us as the “Halloween club” or the “Halloween parade group.” We are a 501c3 nonprofit charity and referring to us as anything less diminishes our newfound purpose. Additionally, while we are still a membership based organization, you will find that we no longer refer to you as “members.” As with many charities, those who donate at a certain annual level are referred to as “friends.” Donation levels remain the same, $31/year for Full Moon and $190/year for Harvest Moon, the only difference is the terminology which we feel will help elevate the perception of who we are from club to charity. Donation level benefits have also slightly changed so we suggest checking them out HERE.

As always, I thank you for your continued support of 10/31 Consortium. Together we can make a safer and more creative Baton Rouge through the fun of Halloween!

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Costume and Candy Drive

Children’s Halloween Costume and Trick or Treat Candy Drive     September 1 – October

09/01/2019 - 08:00 am Baton Rouge

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