Board of Directors

The 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors consists of up to 11 hard working individuals dedicated to making Baton Rouge not only a better place, but also a Halloween destination. 


Board members must be 10/31 Consortium members at the Full Moon level for one year in order to be nominated. Nominations are taken annually at the Black and Orange Bash in July, followed by an e-vote of the Full Moon level or above members in September. In order to run for president, you must serve on the board for at least 2 years and have served as Halloween Parade Captain or Ghostly Gala Chair. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the 10/31 Consortium Board of Directors.




Todd McCoy, President

Jennifer Chick, Secretary

Elizabeth “Tootie” Perry, Treasurer

Bridgit Didier, Halloween Parade Captain















Jessica Newsom, Immediate Past President

Kelley Criscoe Stein, Fifolet Halloween Festival & Sponsorships

Bambi Pizzolato, Ghostly Gala Chair

Lauren Collins, Pumpkin Pi Race & Halloween Town Chair
















Jessica Bollinger, Fundraising

Angela Gauthier, Membership Chair

Amber King, Marketing