10/31 Consortium, above all else, is about providing hope and resources for children. It is our goal to inspire and encourage the children of Baton Rouge through the fun and creativity of Halloween. We have chosen three very worthy charities as beneficiaries of our hard work and living symbols of our motto: Community Courage Creativity



The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is the link between hunger and hope. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank represents COMMUNITY.



The mission of the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is to feed the hungry in Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes by providing food and educational outreach through faith-based and other community partners. The food bank is a nonprofit organization which solicits, procures, inventories, and warehouses donated food and other products. This food is then distributed to a variety of community agencies such as pantries, meal sites, homes, shelters, and soup kitchens which serve the people in need. 10/31 Consortium proudly collects food for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank at every event throughout the calendar year. This will culminate with a traditional “harvest” during the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade at which the crowd is encouraged to participate.



We believe in Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and are proud to help them “build amazing.” The patients of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital represent COURAGE.



Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital has been the leader in pediatric services in the Baton Rouge community. The hospital believes in making things better for children. They understand that children are not small adults. At Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, patients and their families are cared for with dignity, respect and compassion – where advanced pediatric medical treatment is delivered with sincere love, affection and appreciation for children and their special needs. 10/31 Consortium is proud to name Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital as its primary financial beneficiary.



The Big Buddy Program is making a difference in the lives of our children. The Big Buddy Program represents CREATIVITY.



A fundamental challenge facing many communities is how to support those children who are economically, educationally or emotionally disadvantaged. The Big Buddy Program creates an opportunity for the community as a whole to help. The organization’s vision is that every child has a positive role model leading him/her to make good choices resulting in a healthy, rewarding life. 10/31 Consortium strives to nurture this positive and creative environment for the children of Baton Rouge. That is why we host an annual costume drive for the children of the Big Buddy Program. Further, the children who receive these costumes will march annually in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade. We are excited to give these children the joy of playing dress up and the opportunity to explore imaginary worlds in their own spectacular way, even if only for one day.