The 10/31 Consortium motto is Community Courage Creativity. As such, it is our pleasure to honor individuals in the Baton Rouge area who live by these ideals. Nominations are open to the public. You do not have to be a member of 10/31 Consortium to nominate or be nominated. All award recipients are honored at the organization’s Black and Orange Bash annually at the end of July.


The 2013 Special Award recipients were the first to be recognized by 10/31 Consortium. As such, the awards have been named for these remarkable individuals:


The Saundra Lane Community Award is meant to honor those who have dedicated their time and talents to improving the Baton Rouge community.


The Corey Tullier Courage Award is intended to honor those in our area who live a life with courage of conviction and inspire courage in others by boldly facing adversity.


The Dwayne Sanburn Creativity Award is for those whose gift of creativity has benefited the Baton Rouge area.


In 2015, the 10/31 Consortium board added the Lance Parker Spirit Award. This award recognizes the member who best embodies the spirit of 10/31 Consortium and is the club’s “best cheerleader.” The Board of Directors makes annual nominations and votes on the winner. Lance Parker was the first to be recognized with the Spirit Award, and therefore the award has been named for him.


Congratulations to our Special Award winners!


Saundra Lane

Community Award

Corey Tullier

Courage Award

Dwayne Sanburn

Creativity Award

Lance Parker

Spirit Award

2013 Saundra Lane Corey Tullier Dwayne Sanburn
2014 Sondra Duvall Holly Reynolds Casey Phillips
2015 Lori Smith Trey & Kim Bowman Travis Hedges Williams Lance Parker
2016 Jay’Lyn Chancellor Kamden Spies Connie McLeod Deborah Trahan