New Logo


 Halloween with a Heart


10/31 Consortium is a Baton Rouge based 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of Halloween traditions and folklore. The organization is not only a club for Halloween enthusiasts, it also strives to help neighborhoods create safe Trick or Treat programs for their children in addition to supporting Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, and the Big Buddy Program.






Motto: Community Courage Creativity


Mission: 10/31 Consortium is dedicated to the preservation of Halloween tradition and folklore. Through its events and competitions, 10/31 Consortium will use the fun of Halloween to nurture creativity and freedom of self expression, inspire the imaginations of our youth and give hope to those in need by harvesting the talent, energy and resources of our city’s diverse population.


Brand: The 10/31 Consortium logo (originally designed by Melisa Rad and later refreshed by Helena Williams) is intended to honor the Louisiana State Flag while also portraying a classic Halloween icon, the black cat. We are proud to have adopted this symbol of charity as the 10/31 Consortium brand.


10/31 Consortium has a full calendar of events and big plans for the future. Help us reach our goals by sponsoring an event!