The 2017 Membership Drive is ON!

From our 2017 Board President, Todd McCoy:

“We are looking for 2017 to be our biggest and best year ever (so far) – and it all starts with YOU – our members! Along with providing more activities for our members than ever before, we are also very committed to growing our membership. We feel there truly is something for everyone to get involved with and enjoy.

To that end, we’ve now made it even easier (and more rewarding) to become a member. We have updated the website and payment system to accommodate our organization’s growing needs. Read below for more details!”

New membership tiers

Not only do we have a new and improved website for the membership drive and purchases, there are now three 10/31 membership levels to choose from, including a free level. The two paid membership levels receive a discount on 10/31 consortium events, including parades, the gala, and other events throughout the year.

STEP 1: Complete the online membership application form.
STEP 2: Select your membership “moon” level.
STEP 3: Enter your login name and password for your brand-spankin’ new 10/31 member account.
STEP 4: Pay via PayPal. Done!

Visit the Membership page to activate your 2017 membership in the 10/31 Consortium.


After you are a 2017 member

Once you have finished activating your 2017 membership, you will have your member login for the 10/31 Consortium website and can now start making purchases with the member discount. The login area is in the bottom right corner of the website.

Our new website purchase system is an amazing red tape relief for the volunteers behind the scenes of the organization. However, 10/31 members will need to remember to log in to receive their discounts on events and purchases. We cannot issue partial or full refunds.

YAY – no more coupons! 🙂